Thursday, 12 January 2017

Lansman, Shawcroft, Mountford, Corbyn & Copeland

In a new twist to the outbreak of furious infighting within the Corbynista movement, Jon Lansman has resigned as the sole director of Momentum. He has been replaced by a woman notorious for not just suggesting we should invite ISIS for a chat over a cup of tea but also betrayed the Labour Party by backing the now proven corrupt former Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman. Why she is even allowed to remain a member is beyond belief.

According to a report published by Guido Fawkes Lansman lost the vote over his constitutional maneuver to purge the Trotskyists from Momentum at his local group.

The Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL) one of of Lansman's main opponents are not taking their exclusion lightly. Already Sacha Ismail has expressed his public displeasure at being expelled but Jill "motormouth" Mountford is fighting  a rearguard action and writes on the AWL website:

According to the new constitution some members have no choice but to leave, they are, in effect, being expelled from Momentum because they’ve been expelled from the Labour Party. Most, myself included, have been expelled for political reasons, that is, being wrong kind of socialist, and have been provided with no evidence against them or had any opportunity to appeal. A practice generally condemned by the left in the Labour Party.....

No one should leave Momentum. We should stay and organise in the local groups, establish the best possible, most democratic local groups network, intervene where we can in the bureaucratic structures and continue to build an activists movement all around the country.

The AWL does have the backing of the Labour Party Marxists (a front for the Communist Party of Great Britain), the weird Jackie Walker and of course Tony Greenstein, who managed to make the whole affair about his own vainglorious self on his deranged blog.

Trouble is all of the above absolutley hate each other, so any alliance between them is bound to end in tears sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile as the Copeland by-election approaches the Conservative Party have gone "nuclear" in their attempt to take the seat from Labour which will be assisted by the assistance of Madame Shawcroft who somehow has ended up on the selection committee and will no doubt attempt to parachute in a pro-Corbyn candidate.

The Tories are focusing on nuclear power, which is a real issue in the constituency due to the huge and growing number of jobs dependent on it. The following video helpfully produced by Counterfire, the former SWP group that runs the Stop the War Coalition of which Corbyn used to be Chair will be used to undermine Labour's campaign.

In this Corbyn calls for the closure of all nuclear power stations. Not just wrong but a death knell for a huge number of Labour's voters in Copeland.

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