Saturday, 7 January 2017

World of the Weird: Chile's UFO

Oh dear here we go again. Another video of an object that cannot be identified flying in the sky. There's plenty of those but this one has been released by the Chilean Navy after being declassified. There's no evidence what ever the thing is that it's "alien". Just "unidentified". Much of the press have covered this in one form or another but of course the UFOlogists have been going berserk on-line as have the conspiracy nuts.

Business as usual it would seem.

However since this film was taken just a couple of years ago you think a military helicopter would have a better resolution camera given the need to identify threats.

So despite being the first "World of the Weird" story this year there's not much to speculate on. Perhaps we should be thankful they were not here to shove an object up some poor sods rectum which seems a common occurrence to so many so-called abductees.

Still this video joins the list of stuff seen that proves nothing.

Just for fun here's a collection of so-called sightings, though the title as well as the content is misleading. This compilation also contains a couple of "Angel" appearances. Sigh.

One of the unidentified objects seems to have wings and err..... could just be a bird! Some of the introductions just plant a suggestion in your mind when all there is is wisps of clouds. You have have been warned!

Now where's that alien fleet UFOmania said was heading to Earth.....or as NASA tells us a bleeding asteroid of some sort.

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