Saturday, 14 January 2017

Corbyn is a security risk

The decision of Tristram Hunt to resign as an MP thereby causing another by-election was the final straw that ended Corbyn's already botched relaunch. The pundits started musing about the possible, if not probable loss of the seat to UKIP.

At the same time the Liberal Democrats continued their revival in two amazing local election victories in Sunderland where the Labour vote dropped by a whopping 29.9% and in Gade Valley by 9.9%, though in this case the Tories lost 22%. Labour is not picking up the support it requires to form the next government based on these figures and remember Sunderland is a Labour "heartland". No more it seems.

Corbyn's hardcore support group in Momentum is heading towards an organisational split as the comrades fall out over a new constitution. Their long anticipated conference later this year is likely to turn into a gladiatorial arena as the sectarians vie to overthrow each other in the name of the "Dear Leader".

Meanwhile Corbyn has invited US President elect Donald Trump to the Finsbury Park Mosque, one considered so extreme that most local Muslims won't even attend it preferring to borrow a local hall owned by the Catholic church for their Friday prayers.

And finally as if to rub salt into the wounds Corbyn has taken time out to write to Theresa May decrying a "security risk" to the country following the Al-Jazeera sting on an Israeli diplomat who has since been kicked out the country. The TV station is owned by the Qatari Royal family who have an agenda of their own and the station has used this incident to promote anti-Jewish reporting in a disgraceful fashion.

The irony of Corbyn raising a potential "security threat" is obvious to all but his most blinkered supporters. This is a man who has invited IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists into Parliament, refused to condemn the aggressive actions of Putin in the Ukraine and Crimea, ignored until pressed the crimes of Assad and Putin in Syria and has openly let down our allies in Nato.

If anyone is a security risk to this country it is a man who pursues a policy of appeasement with the world's dictators whilst seeking the disarming and isolation of this country in an increasingly dangerous world.

Corbyn has shown himself unfit for government. Labour is led by men who pursue ideological concerns before the interest of ordinary working people.

As a trade unionist, British Citizen and a Jew I oppose this man, his supporters and their Stalinist agenda.

For the good of this country they must go.

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