Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Stop the War's Hypocrisy Revisited

The wave of anti-Trump protests was bound to attract the interest of far-left parasites and here they are in the form of the "Stop the War" Coalition run by by the former Trotskyists, now Stalinists of the Counterfire group led by Lyndsey German and John Rees. There's also the Socialist Workers Party but I'll return to them later...

Readers may recall that when the StWC was challenged over why they were not protesting about Putin's intervention in Russia they clearly stated:

....our focus is on what our government is doing, because we can make a difference to what Britain does and we can make a difference to what our allies do and we have done to a certain extent. If we have a protest outside the Russian embassy it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference to Putin and it would also actually increase the hysteria and jingoism that is being whipped up at the moment against Russia.


Everyone who has a sense of duty for peace of the planet needs to mobilise everything can against that and that means opposing the West.

Lest anyone forget Russia has also been clamping down of gays, women's rights and opposition parties in favour of Putin and the new Russian nationalism. There's also the little question of Russia's brutal interventions in Chechnya where they fight Muslims which the Coalition would rather ignore and forget about.

The silence of the StWC and the left in general has been deafening about any atrocity committed by non-Western nations. Tibet? Not a lefty paper ever in sight when the Tibetans protest about the colonisation of their country. China is sort of "socialist" according their twisted world view.

Then as demonstrators assemble on Saturday some anarchists have tweeted about the need to NOT carry SWP placards. 

Going to an anti Trump demo tonight? Don't accept any placards from the rape apologist SWP/Stand Up to Racism groups

The Socialist Workers Party handling of an alleged rape inside their organisation caused outrage both inside and outside the "left". The SWP cannot be treated seriously when it comes to women's rights. The StWC cannot be treated seriously when it comes to peace and human rights.

Hypocrites the pair of them.

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