Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Male Momentum


The battle for the heart & soul of Jeremy Corbyn's fab club has begun with the publication of a list of 15 candidates for their National Coordinating Group. And it's not a good start with observers noting that all the candidates are all male and all but one white.

The new "inclusive" left.

James Harland who has a degree in medieval history but needs to emphasise he had a comprhensive eductaion, by which he means he went to a working class school in case that was not clear is standing on a platfor that includes:

Greater representation of working-class, state-educated, BAME, women and non-binary and LGBTQ+ Labour members.

Not a good start then comrades.

Then there's Al Gonzalez who makes an odd promise to potential voters:

As a candidate that is part of two under-represented groups, LGBT and disabled, I offer all members to use a trump card. If I get elected in the first voting period, I vow that I will immediately resign if that will assist the triggering of two further votes. One to fill my space, and another for additional member places, as described in the constitution and election process. If this strategy fails, through how the constitution is interpreted, or by the presence of other elected members in the relevant categories, you would have still manifested your lack of satisfaction with this constitution.

Confused? Don't worry I don't got lost at "non-binary" with the previous candidate.

Perhaps John Talbut has something better to offer. He declares:

We urgently need a different, kinder and more empowering approach to politics. For too long the left has tended to oppressive, controlling, parental approaches that disempower people leaving them vulnerable to the actions of the rich and resulting in defeat for the left.

Love the phrase "tended" to be oppressive & controlling. An understatement given not just the Stalinist experience but also the long history of Trotskyism. Healy, Robertson, Delta.....

His solution?

I believe that Momentum should be a horizontal movement in which every member is valued equally with equal opportunities to participate in decision making.

Anarchism. That'll work.

Sarcasm aside none of the candidates are well known except for Lee Jasper, one of Livingstone's mates (so don't mention Hitler) or frankly even inspiring. One, Ian Pope has a reputation for being able to start an argument in an empty room apparently.

Momentum is running out of steam. It's current bout of infighting has even seen founder Jon Lansman lose a vote on his own constitutional proposals in their Southwark branch. Meanwhile Labour continues to languish in the polls and Theresa May, despite the NHS crisis manages to gain ground with a firm hand on Brexit and remains more popular with Labour voters than Corbyn.

Momentum is part of the problem, not the solution.

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