Thursday, 26 January 2017

Labour Representation Committee expel Labour Party Marxists

Labour Party Marxists

Refound Labour as a real party of labour

More divisions have erupted on the Corbynista left as the Labour Representation Committee National Executive met and upheld the decision to "disaffiliate the Labour Party Marxists from the LRC. This conflict dates back to a change in the way the LRC is organised last year.

When Stan keable attempted to pay the affiliation fee for LPM, Michael Calderback, the  wrote on behalf of their EC that: the SGM earlier in the year the rules for national affiliates changed - as a result organisations are required to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the NC that there is evidence of a membership base proper to a national organisation. When the current list of affiliates were reviewed, several were not deemed to have met this test, including Labour Party Marxists.

This resulted in the inevitable ranting from Keable and his mates who are really members of the tiny Communist Party of Great Britain (Weekly Worker). Labour Party Marxists are simply a front organisation. Everybody on the left recognises this though Keable and his cabal strenuously deny this.

The number of people involved in minute, but shows that the LRC is determined to keep the various organised far left groups at bay. The CPGB are not Trotskyists having originated inside the old CPGB (Morning Star) around a journal called The Leninist.

Their guru who goes by the name of Jack Conrad was originally in the pro North Korean New Communist Party registered under his real name John Chamberlain. Having recently journeyed through the now defunct Left Unity Party the CPGB are like most of the far-left tail-ending the Corbyn movement in an attempt to gain recruits for their declining sects.

Protesting in this week's Weekly Worker Keable complains:

Bureaucratic exclusion is the wrong way of resolving political differences between socialists, and is counterproductive for an organisation trying to democratise the Labour Party and win it for socialism. Hypocritically, the LRC is, at the very same time, complaining about the trashing of democratic structures in Momentum “without proper discussion and without even consulting”

The old adage if you put three Trots in a room you end up with two parties and a faction has never seemed more apt.

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