Monday, 13 February 2017

Corbyn: A Cult to nowhere

Photo: By Nancy Wong

With less than two weeks to go to two crucial by-elections for the Labour Party all remain focused on Jeremy Corbyn who as polls show is considered inept, useless and even scruffy by the majority of voters in all age groups.

Corbyn's inability to control his own party over Brexit comes as no surprise to anyone since Corbyn was himself a serial rebel against the party line. Over 400 time in fact, so hardly the person to discipline a party, one he has successfully divided with nearly everything he says or does.

Even the hard-core Corbynistas are waning, The boy Owen Jones has already disowned him and others are drifting away. Yet a certain persistence remains amongst some as one quite deluded friend said on Facebook "Corbyn is the best thing to happen to the Labour Party".


Labour has never been further away from political power than now. The thousands of on-line supporters that elected Corbyn have not materialised as activists on the doorstep and moderates remain in control of much of the Labour Party despite being theoretically outnumbered. Soon the three-pounders will need to renew their passive membership but how many will drop out and not be seen again?

Thousands of members left Labour as a reaction to Corbyn's election, thousands more left over his Brexit stance. Len McCluskey seeking re-election (again) is treading wearily despite his ultra-left sympathies for old Corbo as he knows his members in Unite are not happy with the politics, let alone the performance of the Labour leader.

Although unlikely to win, a strong performance for Gerard Coyne in Unite's General Election would be a real blow for the Corbynistas.

Thene there's the by-elections.  The loss of one would be a blow. The loss of two would be a disaster for the party. Corbyn's tenure will have proved to toxic for the electorate.

However the left such as it is isn't going to disappear over night. All the rumours of his "replacement being sought" may just see renewed internecine warfare when what is needed is a complete extirpation of the movement around Corbyn.

Meanwhile Corbyn's lickspittle, Baroness Chakrabarti the shadow Attorney General continues to embarrass the party by praising the previous "good work" of disgraced lawyer Phil Shiner whose campaign undermined our soldiers. The "socialist" Baroness is "sad". Most of us are not. Shiner should be forced to pay compensation out of his lucrative earnings to the soldiers that suffered as a result of his falsehoods.

Frankly Shiners previous good work should come under close scrutiny.

As should a certain report about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Just saying....

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