Monday, 20 February 2017

Diane Abbott stands by her man

Diane Abbott, 2016 Labour Party Conference 1.jpg
Photo: By Rwendland

Diane Abbott the Shadow Home Secretary and MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington has been in the news rather a lot lately.  Ms Abbott has (rightly) been complaining about the abuse she gets on line and elsewhere because she is black and a woman. All political activists should condemn this racist and misogynist behaviour.

That doesn't mean Abbott is beyond criticism far from it. I lost all time for her some time ago, not just because she's far too left wing for my tastes but also because she's a hypocrite. Ms Abbott sent her kid to a private school in 2003 after criticising some of her colleagues for sending their children to selective schools.

No excuses, just plain two-faced. The kind of stuff which makes ordinary folk contemptuous of the political class.

The recently there was her rather timely migraine during an important Brexit vote in parliament. Not hat it stopped her tweeting...cue derision.

Ms Abbot has also been defending Jeremy Corbyn, the failing leader of the declining Labour Party. Despite fears Labour might lose Copeland and maybe just hang on in Stoke or possibly losing she told Sky News that:

If we lose one or both, I think the party will go forward. It has to go forward. 

When questioned about whether old man Steptoe Corbyn had a future as leader:

No, no. I mean there are people who have been opposed to Jeremy from the beginning, I'm not one of them and I think we have to move forward.

Today we see that the latest opinion poll puts the Tories ahead of Labour by a clear 18 points. This does not bode well for the future either for Corbyn or Labour.

It is not Diane Abbott's race or gender that is at fault here. It is simply her clueless far-left politics.

Time for Abbott to go.

And take Jeremy with her.

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