Friday, 17 February 2017

Time to bury Lenin...and his ideology

Victims of Lenin's New Economic Policy

The founder of the nightmare that became the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin died in 1924 and yet to this day he has never been buried. Preserved in an almost Pharaoh like fashion his mummified remains have been on display over the years in a mausoleum where visitors are not only banned from taking photographs but also from taking.

The ideologue Lenin was canonised by the Communist Party. His collected works became the "New Testament" of Marxism, the word of the workers "Messiah". His body displayed in perpetuity to be worshiped by the proletariat.

Yet this is a man who overthrew not the Tsar but the nascent democracy developing in Russia along with his "Lieutenant" Trotsky suppressing all political opposition outside the Communist Party and then turning on the dissidents within. A process continued long after Lenin's death as even Trotsky was exiled, expelled and expunged from the "workers state" by Stalin.

Stalins crimes are legion but Lenin's overlooked as were Trotsky's. Famine erupted as a result of the "New Economic Policy" in the early twenties resulting in untold deaths. A process simply enhanced and repeated by Stalin in the Thirties.

Purges, persecutions, executions the hallmark of Communism all began under Lenin and Trotsky. The Gulags were Trotsky's idea as were the methods used to suppress opposition within the party. The Trade Union Opposition, The Workers Opposition all met their fate before Stalin came to power.

Trotsky's "Left Opposition", both hypocritical and deluded as it was became the next victim. Stalin simply completed the process of dictatorship of the proletariat becoming not the dictatorship of the party but of one man himself.

Stalin was the role model for Chairman Mao, Kim Il Sung  and Pol Pot. between them the greatest mass murderers in modern history.

Yet despite the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 there remain difficulties in removing the influence of the man and his ideas from Russian consciousness. Despite a majority being in favour of internment there remain far too many to make such a simple act an immediate possibility.

Lenin's legacy is one of brutality to the extreme, exceeding even the Nazi's in terms of those killed in the name of "socialism". It's time not just to bury the man but his ideas too.

History has proved the Marxists lacking. Compassion, kindness and basic human rights are alien to their creed.

Time to move on. Nothing to see here.

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