Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Labour left go far-right conspiratorial

Labour Representation Committee

It's often said that at the end of the day there is little to differ the far-left from the far-right and a couple of recent articles published on the websites of two long existing Labour left sites seem to confirm this. The first article brought to my attention by Dave Rich author of The Left's Jewish Problem was from the website of the Labour Representation Committee, the Chair of which is a certain John McDonell.

The article, Al-Jazeera Lifts the Lid on Israeli Subversion claimed that:

"the Labour Party has become a pawn of Zionist organisations"; "the most senior members of both main parties and the Liberal Democrats [are] part of the network of Israeli influence"; and Theresa May does Israel's bidding "as reciprocity for previous career assistance from the Israelis."

A "pawn" of the "Zionists". Sounds like something out of the far-right Der Sturmer. The threat of the worldwide Zionist conspiracy, for which if it were a far-right organisation would really mean Jews. So one has to ask what were the LRC thinking in publishing this.

Actually we'll never know. The post has mysteriously disappeared from the LRC website. As has the same article from The Labour Briefing website. 

No explanation given.

The editor of Labour Briefing is one Graham Bash who just happens to be the partner of Jackie Walker who needs no introduction to regular readers.

Labour Briefing

Meanwhile an article remains on the Briefing website which has this to say:

Corbyn's rise to the leadership of the Labour Party created panic in both the British establishment and the Israeli lobby, whose counter-attack resurrected antisemitism, the historical weapon of political Zionism.


Anti-Semitism hasn't gone away and exists not just on the far right but very much in the ranks of the anti-imperialist brigade and the far-left.

The new blackshirts are rising comrades. Your flag is not so red anymore...

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