Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The far-left IS the new far-right

Jews on selection ramp at Auschwitz, May 1944
Photo: By Bundesarchiv

Last night on social media I saw speculation that Jeremy Corbyn was face another challenge, including one from the "left", that is from within his own supporters. The Metro has now speculated about Corbyn telling his "inner circle" that he was planning a time to go. None of this has been confirmed though it is clear despite the near messianic fever that many of his followers seem to show that there is a growing feeling Corbyn has been and is a failure.

Even George Monbiot and the boy Owen Jones are clearly disillusioned.

The last week has seen a terrible handling of the Brexit vote in parliament by Corbyn and his team. An unnecessary three line whip has even cost old Steptoe one of his key supporters in parliament, Clive Lewis. The absence of Diane Abbot who claimed she had a migraine and couldn't attend the vote has attracted derision from all quarters. Hardly surprising as she managed to tweet throughout the bloody vote.

Abbot is exposed not just as a hypocrite (over private education) but also as a political coward not suited for public office. Her actions have damaged not just the left (if you can call it that any more) but the Labour Party as a whole.

The failure of Corbyn to do something about growing and frankly dangerous anti-Semitism which sometimes doesn't even try to hide behind the facade of "anti-Zionist" amongst some of his councillors and on-line strolls has long angered many and totally alienated the Jewish community in this country.

Tonight one of Corbyn's key allies in the protest movement that he is so keen about, Bruce Kent insulted and denigrated the memory of the Six Million by stating:

The trouble is that many of us suffer from a guilt complex, certainly at my age.

We have all had terrible sufferings in history – all of us. But we actually have to overcome that and start to live like human beings together.

These words are not just unsavoury in themselves but when taken in the context he was addressing the Palestine Solidarity Campaign who with their slogans were calling for the destruction of the worlds only Jewish state puts him firmly amongst the new black shirts. A disgrace to his church, to this nation and to humanity. I am disgusted.

The movement that has sprung out of, and around Corbyn and Corbynism can never be allowed anywhere the reigns of power because they are dangerous to the extreme.

First they came for the Jews.

Next will be the moderates Red Tories and then those that disagree.

The far left IS the new far right.

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  1. I don't think I've seen so much anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist hatred until I moved to the UK. I just can't believe what the far-left and Islamists get away with over here. Corbyn, blow-hard,hypocrite Diane "Migraine" Abbott and the rest of Red Labour should pack up and go live in North Korea or Russia if they love socialism and communism so much. I experienced it first-hand in Eastern Europe, and it was no picnic. People there are petrified now as they were then. Putin is KGB still, and like with the Crimea and Georgia, he would have invaded the Baltics, also,if it weren't for NATO. Where are the Left, women, 'moderate' Muslims,students and others when it comes to protesting in the streets against Assad, Putin, Middle Eastern countries, ISIS, Hammas and other terror groups? Nowhere to be seen as they're always too busy screaming about the Jews,Israel and the US.Too bad Corbyn can't be transported back in time to Russia during Stalin or that Abbott can't be deposited to Syria into slavery and made to wear a burka. The far-left have no idea what real repression and torture are if they think Israel and America are the real baddies.