Sunday, 5 February 2017

Rebellion against readmission of alleged anti-Semites into Labour

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The Labour Party has long developed a problem with the rising presence of of both actual and border-line anti-Semites into its ranks since the rise of Corbynism. Mostly, but not always disguised as "anti-Zionism", Corbyn gave the job of investigating anti-Semitism to his collaborator Shami Chakrabarti who cleared the party of such accusations in a highly contentious and disputed report.

Chakrabarti was awarded both a Peerage and leading role in the Labour Party by Corbyn for her "sterling" work of whitewashing the whole affair.

Meanwhile Jackie Walker is finally to get a disciplinary hearing next Friday with the Labour Party which will either reinstate her or confirm her exclusion. Given that so many of these hateful people have been readmitted there is little hope this hateful woman will be expelled.

News has broken that one such individual, Terence Flanagan has been readmitted with a "warning" which he says clears him. This has not gone down well with his local party who have written to the Camden New Journal:

• WE are writing as local Labour Party members, activists and councillors to clarify one point following your article about Terence Flanagan (I’ve been vindicated, says Labour member readmitted to party after anti-Semitism row, online, January 26).

It is clear to us that Mr Flanagan has not been vindicated. In fact, far from it – he has been given a formal written warning by the Labour Party.

The party clearly upheld the complaint of anti-Semitism and other abusive behaviour against him, or else he would not have been suspended in the first place, nor would they have felt the need to give him a formal warning. If you get a final warning at work, this doesn’t mean that you can carry on as if nothing happened or that your boss thinks that everything is fine. The same is true here.

Some of us may have wanted to see a harsher punishment for a very serious offence, in order to demonstrate, as Jeremy Corbyn has rightly said, the Labour Party will not tolerate anti-Semitism or any kind or racism or hate speech. Nevertheless, this can’t be passed off as some sort of endorsement of Mr Flanagan and his past behaviour.

We would have preferred not to have to write this letter and discuss Labour Party membership issues on your pages. While we didn’t rush to publicise this, we couldn’t leave New Journal readers with a false impression of the facts.

All forms of racism, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, are abhorrent and have no place in the Labour Party. When anyone, including our members, engage in racist hate, we won’t stand by – we will stand up and condemn it.


Editor’s note: Terence Flanagan denies racism and the allegations that were made against him

The question is how long can this continue? Support for Labour in the Jewish community is at an all time low, just 7% last time any survey was conducted. 

The Corbynista movement is a disgrace and has no place in the Labour Party or frankly the trade unions. 

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