Sunday, 26 February 2017

How long can we wait for real Labour to assert itself?

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The forensic examination of the loss of Copeland and the decline of the Labour Party continues. Baroness Chakrabarti was interviewed on the Andrew Marr Show this morning stating that "her party" was "the establishment" in Copeland and had neglected the constituency for years.

The fact is she has only been in the Labour Party for like five minutes and done very well out of it. Chakrabarti obtained an unelected seat seat in the House of Lords by helping Corbyn cover up the problem of anti-Semitism within Labour's left-wing.

Chakrabarti is herself very much part of the establishment and took her pieces of silver to get in to it. Why should I or anyone else take her seriously?

The result of Corbyn's tenure on the Jewish community has seen support drop to just 7%.

Yet this woman, like McDonell calls for unity.

Since the rise of Corbyn social media has become toxic with the aggressive comments of his worshippers. Anyone who dares to disagree is a Red Tory or Blue Labour and these are least offensive comments I have seen. Only yesterday I saw a comment posted to a Labour Party activist that needed to be reported to the police because of it's clear threat.

So much posted from the supporters of what was promoted as the "new, kinder politics" has been not just threatening, but misogynistic and racist, particularly towards Jews.  The left are frankly a very intimidating lot prone to bullying. I fought against these kinds of people in the PCS union for years.

If you are not with them, you are worse than the Tories according to their twisted outlook and they all deny where "Stalinism" actually comes from. The far-left themselves with their fundamentalist, intolerant outlook.  In power they would be a nightmare as we saw in Russia and China and still today in North Korea.

Unity is their call, but real unity has been destroyed by their project. The Labour Party has always been a broad church of opinion from Methodists to a few Marxists. What the left call "unity" is in fact toeing their line. Falling behind their idiot messiah Corbyn.

That's not how it works.

Unity for the left means deselecting MP's who have different ideas to them. Purging the party of anyone who dares to speak out. The long history of their kind of politics shows this from the gulags to the cultural revolution.

The return of David Miliband and the recent comments of Dave Prentis about how Labour is becoming an irrelevance gives some hope that the tide against the new blackshirts may be turned, but such a prospect seems fr off in the dim future after another decade of Tory rule.

Ordinary people need a government that will help them now. Not some half-baked ideological purity that will keep Labour in opposition indefinitely.

Thing is the comrades don't care about ordinary people. As Stalin once put it; "One death is a tragedy. A million is a statistic.".

That's not the road any decent Labour member would ever seek.

The time is fast coming when people will have to make a choice. There are now clearly two parties within Labour. How long can we wait for the right one to reassert itself?

That is the question.

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