Saturday, 11 February 2017

Now Midwives banned from saying "fellas".

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It's only been just over a week since the news broke that the BMA was banning the use of the term "expectant mothers". So why should I be surprised at the latest ban, this time on Midwives.

The problem?

Apparently a lesbian couple complained about a midwife using the term "fella's" in her antenatal class. So upset were this couple that they have been offered one-to-one sessions after saying they were "too upset" to go back.

Now I don't think the Midwife meant any form of discrimination whatsoever and the over-reaction of this couple is actually more than a little disturbing. It smacks of the kind of "snow-flakery" currently developing in our universities.

Whilst discrimination against gay women undoubtedly exists  there is a time and place for complaints and this really wasn't one of them. This couple are going to be raising a child in a world that is mostly but far from entirely accepting of such relationships. Problems will unfortunately arise.

Fighting discrimination and prejudice is a continuing struggle but focusing on such a trivial remark really won't help.

Meanwhile the root of this problem in our centres of learning (or not as one can sometimes feel these days) continues. According to a report in The Times (no link £) some "94% of campuses having some restrictions on freedom of expression.

Bans exist on "dressing up in Village People outfits, Vicars & Tarts, dressing up like chavs (?), gangsters or Mexicans even Pocahontas outfits. Didn't know they made adult size Pocahontas outfits then what do I know. Oxford Union "discourages" cross-dressing in case it upsets a trans person.

Being a student sounds no fun these days.

In fact students don't even seem to want to learn since they can be excused from any lecture that could potentially "trigger" them which can range from classes about the crucifixion to law studies on rape cases (how they will be any use to a victim they represent in such circumstances is beyond me).

Even white philosphers as far back as Aristotle and Socrates are highly suspect according to the new wave of intersectional safe-spacers or whatever it is they self identify these days.

This new wave of activists are actually quite dangerous and will provoke a strong counter-reaction that will cause far more problems than they realise. Time for these people to grow up.

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  1. Well said - some activists' obsessive attitudes are bending the parameters of sanity..... forcing responsible grown-up people to reappraise their own behaviour to placate the temper-tantrum diva behaviour of these "activists", behaviour that is more appropriate for a petulant toddler.....