Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Fiddler was in Guantanamo Bay for a reason

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The biggest threat to the world today comes from Islamic extremism in various forms whether it be the "Trojan Horse" or the Suicide Bomber", these are simply symptoms of the same evil that threatens freedom, life and limb from the killing field of Iraq and Syria to the streets of Malmo or Paris.

The Times reported today that:

The residents  of Mosul say Islamic State fighters are killing anyone who resists recruitment to their ranks or ties to escape from the city...

and more:

Islamic State in Egypt  has threatened to carry out further attacks on Christians in a video featuring a man the terrorists claimed was the suicide bomber who killed 29 at cathedral in December.

Which brings us to today.

A certain Ronald Fiddler who adopted the name of Abu-Zakariya al-Britani blew himself at an Iraqi Army base today.

A man who used to be imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. One of those released and paid it is said a million pounds in compensation.

A man who was and died a terrorist.

One of those championed by Cage and the deranged Counterfire leader John Rees. Just like that "nice man", the mass murderer and psychopath Jihadi John.

Those that argued for his release should be ashamed of themselves. He was in Prison for a reason. Fiddler was a terrorist and he should have stayed behind bars.


  1. What is staggering is the fact that he was not only paid compensation, but was released without any real supervision, free to go to Syria and wage a brutal war against innocent people, ultimately to blow himself to kingdom come.

    It strikes me that there are serious questions for the security powers that be to answer. Not that they ever will, of course.

  2. Right again Howie. Security? What a joke. One guess to what that £1 million went to. Re: Gitmo – Where there's smoke, there's fire. Government says not enough personnel to keep tabs on suspected terrorists. With so many out of work, people should be trained and given jobs. Oh wait, there's no money. Yes, because it's going to terrorists as compensation. Sound of head banging on wall...

  3. A lot of Al-Qaida fighters asked the Taliban to place them in their prisons just as they were about to be overrun. So they could claim to the incoming Western troops that they were innocent backpackers caught up in the maelstrom. The Americans weren't dumb and placed them in Gitmo. People like John Rees supported them partly out of misguided liberalism and partly because that view this fascist killers as a genuine national liberation movement. Bad politics in the end.