Friday, 24 February 2017

Labour loses Copeland, UKIP loses Stoke

KL* The loss of Copeland was the fault of the years of Blair, Brown and their apologists in the PLP.


It was only by chance I found out the result of the two by-elections early this morning after deciding to turn on the TV after visiting the water closet. The outcome seemed inevitable. Labour lost Copeland as everyone seemed to expect, but hung on to Stoke.

Or did they?

The loss of Copeland, a parliamentary seat held by the Labour Party since 1935 was a major blow to Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters who seeming have done nothing but blame everyone but themselves all day on social media. So much so I can't bring myself to read any more.

It's all "Blair & Brown's fault", It's the "coup plotters", the MSM (main stream media) and laughingly according to the now clearly deranged Baroness Chakrabarti, it was a vote "against the establishment. Excuse me? A vote for the Tories is a vote against the establishment? Words fail me.

Others still claim Jermey is the "most popular politician in the country. Oh please wake up and drink some coffee. This all comes from the claim that the Corbyn movement has "won the war on social media".

No they haven't and what's more it's the war on the doorstep that needs to be won.

Labour is still some 18 points behind the Conservatives in the polls.

Then there's Stoke.

Until Paul Nuttall was exposed as a fantasist and political charlatan he was expected to win Stoke, but the UKIP vote surprisingly held up and many appear to have turned to the Tories rather than Labour as a result.

The future for the Labour is bleak and Corbyn despite an online fan club remains toxic for the party. It is in no position to move forward and win the next general election.

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  1. JMcD was very angry about former Labour leaders criticising the current leadership. Whereas the current leadership attacking the party's record in power is much more constructive.