Thursday, 5 May 2016

An underwhelming election

The polls have closed at last. The votes are being counted and over the next 24 hours the nation will see the result of all the shouting, crying and tears shed by the politicians and their supporters.

At least on Social Media. I suspect most people will be like me underwhelmed by the whole thing. The last week or so has just seen the Labour Party tear itself apart over the discovery of very real anti-Semitism in it's ranks.

As for Corbyn's policies? Other than his friendship with Hamas I can't recall a thing.

Zac Goldsmith? Couldn't be bothered to listen.

Galloway? Less than one percent of the vote apparently. People finally got what that jumped up popinjay was all about.

There were elections?  If those I work with or my neighbours are anything to go by the lack of enthusiasm was deafening. Nobody talked about it and the polling station was heaving with...sheer emptiness.

Oh I'll be interested in the results, but then I'm a political blogger with an interest in such things. I'll be posting on Saturday when the full results (including Scotland and Wales) are in but for now I'm off to read a couple of new purchases to review on my other blog.

If anyone is interested I voted for the Women's Equality Party with no second choice vote.

I couldn't put a cross in Labour's box because of Corbyn and his band of Strasserites. Time for him to go. Hopefully a bloody nose tonight will start to help him on his way.

Bet they'll blame the Jews......

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