Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Livingstones replacement on the left's NEC slate faces...guess what?

Ken Livingstone is currently suspended from the Labour Party for his offensive remarks about Jews and Hitler based on the non-scholarly work of some American Trotskyist. Even People like Jon Lansman guru of Corbyn's cheer leading movement Momentum have been forced to distance themselves from the politician formerly known as "Red Ken".

He's even been replaced on the lefts slate by one Rhea Wolfson who just happens to be a wee bit of a lefty and (shock, horror) Jewish.

There's plenty to criticise about Ms Wolfson's politics, but she has had to face the reality that other Jews come across on a daily basis.

It's called anti-Semitism. 

Shocked at the anti-Semitic abuse being tweeted at not only me but my family today- using literal Nazi propaganda. Please help report

And some of it is nasty as you would expect. Here's some examples of material posted to her Twitter feed:

The rise of anti-Semitism coincides with the rise of anti-Zionism.

The anti-Zionists have ignored so much racism within their movement that such old prejudices that are peddled around the Muslim world with abandon. The "Blood Libel", "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are treated as truths and have not been challenged by the supposed anti-racist left (along with a whole host of other "shibboleths" as  Lyndsey German leader of the mis-named Stop The War Coalition once referred to Women and Gay rights) that anti-Semitism is rampant amongst anti-imperialists.

Corbyn was a long term part of this reactionary movement along with thousands of his supporters who have now hi-jacked the Labour Party.

I will stand shoulder to shoulder with Rhea Wolfson against anti-Semitism, but will she learn the folly of the politics she is part of before it's too late?

I said there were legitimate concerns about her politics and here's why in an article written (but now taken down from the Internet) by Ms Wolfson which frankly shows the stupidity of today's lefties:

For me, the conversation keeps boiling down to one thing- one crucial disagreement that puts me on one clear side versus another. The crux of the great leadership debate for me is what are our goals? Is winning in 2020 the priority and if so, what are we willing to sacrifice to achieve it?

My belief is that winning 2020 should not be the priority of the Labour Party. This belief comes from a further belief that the Labour party is a movement above and beyond anything. It was founded to fight for workers, to fight for those oppressed by the ruling classes and it became a political party because that was seen as the most effective way to improve the lives of the people the movement was looking to represent. I think that is still true; that should still be the goal of the party and when we make compromises such as supporting the benefit cap or not properly reversing anti-trade union laws then we betray everything and everyone we stand for and we might as well not exist.


As a trade unionist I fight the government on a micro-scale every day. Defending members from bad government policies and am forced to deal with the reality of life. My members, let alone those at the poorer end of society on Zero Hours contracts, homes under threat from rising rents and lack of social housing, who need an NHS that is adequately run for those that need it want this bloody Tory government gone.

Principled opposition is pointless.

Working people need a Labour Government, now let alone in 2020 to ensure their rights, livelihoods and homes are not stripped from them.

The reality of politics means compromise. Labour needs to be a broad church and attract voters from other parties. 

Labour needs to be a party of Government.

Corbyn and his supporters will never achieve this. They remain the Tories best asset. It's time for a real Labour to be reclaimed from the idiot left that are taking over.

Our futures depend on it.

Learn the lesson from your experience with anti-Semitism Ms Wolfson. The left has helped recreate this monster. What else will they help resurrect?

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