Saturday, 7 May 2016

Khan's victory masks Corbyn's failure

No one can deny the scale of Sadiq Khan's victory for Mayor of London who now has a huge personal mandate after facing enormous opposition not only from his direct political opponents but from within his own party. This is not written as an endorsement of what Khan will be like as Mayor, for me and many others the jury remains out. However it is a recognition that Labour did win against seemingly insurmountable odds.

One obvious thing to be said is that those ant-Western fundamentalist types will find they can no longer claim that Muslims are automatically discriminated against in this country. Hopefully this will be a small step toward the Muslim community beginning to integrate within the society they have chosen to live in.

That this will be an uphill struggle is without question and the media reports of Mosques in this country ranting against Face book, the wearing of trousers and opposing anything modern as "un-Islamic".  The struggle against Medievalism will continue for some time to come.

However elsewhere in the UK despite not suffering the scale of losses the pundits predicted, Labour did not move forward. Corbyn himself described Labour as "standing firm". Standing still and sliding back more like. Yes Labour only lost 27 seats but in the current climate they should have begun pushing forward.

In Scotland, once a Labour fiefdom the party has been pushed back into third place by a revived Tory party.

The recent row over ant-Semitism in the party is only part of the reason that Labour is failing. Corbyn is seen as weak and ineffectual by those voters Labour needs to win over if it is to have any hope of gaining power at the next general election.

Labour is weak on defence, terrorism and economy. As for foreign policy the Corbynistas would be a nightmare should they ever gain control of government. It's fortunate for us all that this will never happen.

For now there is little chance Corbyn can be ousted but so long as he and the insane left hold the reigns Labour will never get elected. 

Corbyn has to go sooner rather than later and the real, normal Labour Party restored based on the broad coalition that it needs to be in order to become firstly an effective opposition and then onwards to a party that the electorate will trust in government.

There remain plenty of good people inside the Labour Party and the trade unions will only sustain Corbyn so far before their members will demand some return for their support. If Labour cannot get elected what would be the point of making such substantial financial contributions.

The clock is ticking. This country cannot afford another Tory government.

Corbyn must go.

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