Monday, 9 May 2016

Student Lawyers distressed, poor souls...

There are times when I despair about today's student activists and their effect on modern education. It is a privilege to go into Higher Education and learn.

And learn is actually the key word to consider with all the shenanigans going on these days.

I was appalled by the story that appeared into today's issue of The Times (no link£) which reported that:

Law students at the University of Oxford were allegedly warned that the content of a lecture on rape and sexual assault could be distressing and offered the chance to leave.

No shit Sherlock.

Of course the material will be unpleasant. That's the nature of the beast and erm.. isn't the whole point of going into Law as a barrister or solicitor and with luck a Judge in later life is to deal with not just these but other rather nasty aspects of human nature that we call crime?

If you can't learn about these issues as they are "distressing" (which they surely are) why would anyone seek to study law in the first place. Lawyers deal with all sorts both as defence and prosecution. If you can't cope, then choose a new career. The courts are not about disputed ownership of puppies all the time....

This demonstrates the absolutely untenable base of the pathetic "safe spaces" movement that plagues our centres of learning.

It's no wonder there is a movement to break with the National Union of Students, led by a woman who thinks it's "Islamophobic" to condemn the murderous rapists and slavers of ISIS, but "Zios" (Jews to you and me) are not entitled to any considerations as they in her words "dominate the worlds media".

Sigh. I must ring Jerusalem 666 to find out what I'm missing out on.

Students in Lincoln University have had enough and today are reported to have disaffiliated from the NUS. Exeter and Newcastle seem set to join them on Thursday.

I just hope these student unions set up a new national body to rally others to and leave the netters in their own little enclave in a rump NUS.

Oh and someone expel that little anti-Rhodes creep who made the waitress cry. Another Mugabe in the making methinks.....

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