Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Comedy Interlude: Stanley Baxter

The comedian Stanley Baxter is 90 years old today and to celebrate that here's a sketch from one of his wonderful shows that we all used to enjoy.

The world of comedy has changed (for the worse at the moment) in part because of changing tastes but also because of this damned thing called "political correctness" which has taken away a good measure of old British humour.

I was a big fan of not just Stanley but also Dick Emery, Benny Hill, Eric Sykes and of course the Carry On team to name a few. They're looking to re-launch The Carry On films. Not so sure we have the right actors and comedians these day. The last attempt with Julian Cleary was a dreary flop.

But enough of my musings here's Stanley Baxter taking the mickey out of period drama!

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