Sunday, 8 May 2016

As Sadiq Kahn joins Holocaust commemoration.....

Kudos to Sadiq Kahn for making his first act as Mayor of London an appearance and participation at the Holocaust Memorial Ceremony today. The Daily Mail reports:

The newly-elected mayor swore to be a leader for all faiths in the capital and was at the Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony in Barnet this afternoon alongside Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, who just last week attacked Jeremy Corbyn by saying Labour had a 'severe' problem with anti-Semitism.

Mr Khan's visit today is hugely symbolic and will be interpreted as another pointed criticism of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Mr Corbyn was notably absent from Mr Khan's official swearing-in ceremony at Southwark Cathedral in South-East London yesterday amid claims that Mr Khan is keen to distance himself from the Labour leader.

Pointed indeed.

The anti-Semitism crisis continues as the Sunday Times (no link£) revealed that a member of the Labour Party's NEC sent an e-mail on May 2nd "claiming the crisis was sparked by the "Israel lobby".

Here we go again, This time Unite official Martin Mayer's missive entitled How the Israel Lobby manufactured the party's anti-Semitism crisis. The whole thing is also a "Blairite right wing attempt" to "undermine Jeremy Corbyn's leadership".

In order to back up his thoughts Mayer includes a link to an article the extremist "Electronic Intifada" website.

Besides the fact Corbyn is totally useless and undermines himself most of the time his opposition to anti-Semitism outlined at the recent May Day rally is not matched by a courtesy to replying the letter from the leader of the Israeli Labour Party sent to him recently (see here).

Meanwhile Livingstone continues to lose the plot mentioning that Hitler fellow again.

I don't care what anyone says. Israel's Governments may not always be above criticism, but anti-Zionism is today's anti-Semitism.

No other country faces calls for it's dissolution.

Anti-Zionism is a road to genocide.

Never again will our people go quietly into the dark.

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