Sunday, 22 May 2016

Whatever happened to the SWP?

With the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and his Momentumistas the "extra parliamentary" or self proclaimed "revolutionary" left has been very much marginalised and forgotten about. The old Militant Tendency now re-branded as the Socialist Party has seen its Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition become irrelevant even within it's own terms and has been pushed back to controlling the much declined civil service trade union PCS.

Within the alliance that controls PCS remains the much discredited Socialist Workers Party who have three members of the unions National Executive. A party that when this blog was launched around three years ago or so was falling apart due to one of the worst internal scandals that the far-left has ever faced. Only the now almost defunct Workers Revolutionary Party can be said to have a worse record.

The result of the lack of focus on the politically corrupted SWP has allowed them to revive themselves and start attempting to rebuild their shattered organisation. However there are many that will not allow their "crimes" against women to go unforgotten.

Over at Lives Running, ex-member Dave Renton reminds us:

In 2010 a man called Martin Smith (“Comrade Delta”) was the National Secretary of the SWP, its day to day leader, the person who employs the other party workers. In July of that year, a 17 year old woman (“Comrade W”) complained that he had mistreated her. She didn’t use the word “rape”, but the people who met her and heard her knew what she was talking about.

From the start, Smith’s supporters (including Weyman Bennett, who worked with him on the SWP’s anti-fascist campaign) put pressure on the women who helped Comrade W, calling one of them a “traitor”, ostracising and dismissing them and forcing them out of the SWP.
The full story can be found here in my blog from October 2013.
And yet this organisation continues parading itself as one of "revolutionary virtue" and "correctness" as it prepares for the annual Marxism bash which it utilises to brow-beat attendees into joining it's sordid little group.
Although much smaller and less influential than in the past, Marxism 2016 has attracted a number of speakers that really should have known better than to give credibility to Professor Callincos's "Lynch Mob" as it became famously or should I say infamously known back in 2013/14 when the crisis over "comrade delta" broke not just across the left, but in the national media (just "goggle" there's plenty of material out there.
Amongst the speakers agreeing to participate are tired old anti-imperialist and ex-Trot Tariq Ali, Moazzam Begg from the organisation CAGE that described brutal mass-murderer "Jihadi John" as a "nice man", Natalie Bennett, the retiring gaffe prone leader of the Green Party and the rabid anti-Israel deputy leader of the Greens, Shahar Ali.
"By your friends we shall know thee"
There are still a few hundred die-hard old members left in the SWP who wouldn't (and didn't) leave even when the truth of their sect was obvious to everyone else.
The SWP has gone the way of the WRP complete with subservience to an anti-imperialist pro Islam(ist) agenda.
Best avoided. Especially if you are one of these types easily "triggered" by the truth of the world.
The SWP is a nasty little cult..and is full of them....

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