Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Hamas backs Labour under Corbyn

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Despite a DDoS (Denial of Service) attack Guido Fawkes has continued to expose the connections between Corbyn's Labour and the world of anti-Semitism. Corbyn is a man who you will remember described Hamas, an organisation that seeks the genocide of the Jews in Israel (not Zionists, actual Jews) as his "friends".

Just "diplomacy" Corbyn's supporters once said, but with the continuing exposure of a very real problem of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, hidden in plain sight as supposedly just "anti-Zionism" the games up for the hard left and if by their "friends ye judge them"

Hamas spokesman Taher A-Nunu said:

“We welcome the declaration of the Labor chairman and see his engagement as a very important statement that is also a painful hit that the Zionist enemy received. Hamas is not and will not be considered a terrorist group and our struggle is reduced to the borders of occupied Palestine. [This is a] Zionist campaign to define Labor party leaders as anti-Semitic... a desperate move that reflects the weakness and confusion of the Zionist entity.”

Actually the opposite seems to be true. At long last the far left anti-imperialist brigade are facing a taste of their own medicine.

The anti-Zionist campaign of distortions, half truths and some down right lies is finally being brought to task.

Israel may not be perfect (what country is?), but it's a democracy under constant threat from tyrants, terrorists and Islamists who use the Palestinian cause for their own ends.

Forward to a two-state solution and peace something Hamas, Hezbollah and the anti-imperialist left don't want no matter what the cost to innocent lives.

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