Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sunday Supplement: Eurovision Picks 2016

The Eurovision Song Contest will be with us next Saturday night so here is my pick of this years entries.

Don't forget the two Semi-Finals will be broadcast on BBC 4 on Tuesday 10th May (8 to 10) and Thursday 12th May (also 8 to 10).

My first choice was the entry from Armenia. I've enjoyed several of their entries and this is a good'un though why Jesus pops up in the video is beyond me....

Next up is Bulgaria. Good chance of winning with this song and will certainly get my vote. But what would I know with my odd tastes in music?

And finally the song from Russia with a singer I am sure will appeal to the ladies. Excellent video. This also stands a good chance of winning I have to say.

I'm sure fellow blogger Phil BC over at All That is Solid will entertain you with his choices soon! Tell him Howie sent ya!

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