Monday, 2 May 2016

Springtime for the anti-Zionists

Jeremy Corbyn made an appearance on the annual May Day march and used the opportunity to speak out against anti-Semitism. I don't doubt that he himself is not an anti-Semite but his collection of "friends" and supporters make his formal opposition a moot point.

Corbyn has been "friends" with some of the most unsavoury organisations and individuals over the years. Take George Galloway for instance who tweeted:

The Israel lobby has just destroyed the Labour Party. At least this Labour Party. It is an amazing achievement. They'll be dancing in Dimon

Ben Judah writes in the Independent

'And when I visited Bradford, a group of passionate Galloway supporters pinned me to a wall, throttled me and punched me in the head, shouting “Get out you f***ing Jew.”'

Of course Galloway is no longer in the Labour Party, but this Councillor from Nottingham is:

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Israel is not Nazi Germany in any shape or form. The analogy is disgusting. How come these types NEVER condemn the crimes of Hamas or the corruption of the PLA/Al Fatah?

Oh and ask Mr Aziz on how Christians and non-Muslims are treated in Pakistan and Bangladesh, or the second class citizenship of the Coptic Christians in Egypt or the Bahai's in Iran or.....

Hamas purged Al Fatah brutally after it won an election in Gaza nearly 10 years ago and err..comrades when will they allow another one. Or do they think like the far left that once in power that's it for eternity.

Islamism and Communism, not so different really.

Then there's that new word for Jews, Zios which seems to have originated in the student politically correct brigade. Now in common use by non other than Blair's foolish convert of a sister-in-law:

has proved itself sadly weak at its core by suspending two MPs at the behest of zio lobby

What these anti-Zionists really object to is that they can no longer get away with dissemanting inaccuarate and distorted propoganda about Israel and the Jews any more.

Fight back against so-called anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism now! 

Expose Hamas, Hezbollah and all these clerical fascist fascist groups and their so-called left wing allies!

Never Again!

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