Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Islam(ist) violence is the real offence

A number of stories caught my attention as I went through the papers today. The first in The Metro reported that:

Three members of a "Sharia Patrol"in Vienna have been jailed for beating a father unconscious after they accused his wife and daughter of behaving "inappropriately on a night out.

The victim, named only as Martin P, is married to a Chechen woman who was taking her daughter and three of her friends to a club in the city when the patrol stopped them.

They were ordered to return home. According to the 14 year old girls the men told the mother that: "We and only we, are bringing the girls back home, they are our country's women.

When the Father arrived he was beaten to the ground.

Extremists in our midsts. And they are not alone.

And it also turns out three teenagers in Vienna were arrested for attacking a topless man handing out roses. One said:

What you are doing offends our religion, it is not nice.

It's violence that should offend. 

Who the hell do these evil men think they are? They have no right to force their religious beliefs on anyone else in a democracy.

The propensity of followers of Islam to use violence is disturbing.

And yet this threat is growing, even in the UK where Sharia patrols have already been seen in East London and Luton.

That threat is growing and it's in schools again. 

The Times reports:

Inspectors who targeted small unregistered schools, which were predominately Islamic, found pupils being taught in dangerous premises by adults who have no clearance to work with children.

It was estimated that some 5,000 children were attending these "schools" where Sir Michael Wilshaw, chief inspector of Ofsted told the paper that:

I remain extremely concerned about the number of children attending these schools who may be at risk of harm and indoctrination.

One thing was missing from this report. A rather obvious question in fact.

What about the thousands of parents who have sent their kids to these places?

The parents should also face an investigation. Their actions are not responsible and they are a potential, if not real danger to their children and society in general themselves.

No doubt some lefty anti-imperialist will shout Islamophobia (as they are prone to do) as the "religion of peace is beyond criticism in their blinkered little world.

There is no doubt that in time many Muslims will integrate into wider society, but these recidivist elements are a dangerous not just to non-Muslims, but other Muslims as well.

The time has come to stop "treading on eggshells" around the problem of a parallel society being created under our noses.

Migrants of all sorts have come to not just our shores but across Europe. Most are welcome but if they think they can enforce their backward religious ideas on others then those responsible for violent acts should be shown the door after they have served their sentences.

These evil men are not welcome here and it's about time we in the West put our foot down.

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