Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Trump and the Clown

The battle for  the heart and souls of Britain's two main political  parties continued in earnest today as the Tories whittled down their choices to just two, ready for the membership to make the fianl choice. Interestingly both candidates are women, so this country will shortly have it's second female Prime Minister. From the right.

At least the awful Michael Gove is out but Theresa May is more than a wee bit right-wing and as for that Andrea Leadsom, the words "Mrs" and "Trump" come readily to mind.

The future is far from bright.

Meanwhile the Labour Party is incapable of providing an alternative with the battle to remove Corbyn having seemingly reached an impasse. The party is divided like never before and constituency parties are taking sides as the rift continues. Some MPs like Alan Johnson have found themselves isolated from their constituency parties.

According to an e-mail sent out by Labour First this evening:

As you will have seen in the media, there is something of a temporary stalemate between the PLP and the people around Jeremy Corbyn, with the unions attempting to broker a way forward.

Please be patient while the attempt to negotiate a solution goes on. This will only continue for a few more days – by next week either Corbyn’s departure will have been negotiated or a leadership election will have been triggered and we will all be in a big fight to save the Labour Party.

Can the Labour Party be saved? 

One thing is certain, Corbyn will never win an election so whoever wins the Tory Party leadership election will see themselves in power for a long time to come if he doesn't go.

That will be Corbyn's legacy. 

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