Monday, 4 July 2016

Fighting back against hate and Hezbollah

The annual hate fest sponsored by the Iranian fascists and supported by the anti-imperialist brigade of the far left marched through London yesterday. This comes at a time when at last the actions of the anti-Zionists has finally begun to be exposed as simply another form of racism.

This year Jewish people stood up, took to the streets and said enough.

One man who usually addresses this unsavoury festival of extremism was absent this year despite the organisers tweeting Corbyn would be "leading their march".

He wasn't. Corbyn was in hiding or as some who have us believe imprisoned by his own supporters as a "duty of care" to the senile old man.

Here's Corbyn showing some contrition but far from enough for the damage he has done over the years with his "friends" and allies who apparently aren't his "friends" after all.

For the good of the Labour Party country" (and my people's safety) go man. And please take your Momentum "friends" with you.

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