Friday, 1 July 2016

Divided like never before

Boris has bottled it, Jezza has lost the plot, Gove quite rightly tells us he's not fit to be Prime Minister, but still goes for it, the markets are unstable and to top it all we left the EU after the most divisive political debate in this country's history.

It's not going to end there.

Next week the Chilcot Report is due to be published. This couldn't have come at a worse time for this country. The war is history, but the divide between people is greater than normal and is going to cause unnecessary ructions. And guess who's going to take advantage of it?

That's right. "Comrade" Corbyn is believed to be waiting for the Chilcot Report to use it cynically, so he can latch on to a rise in "anti-war" feeling. Opportunistic not "principled" as the man, politician and his supporters would have us believe.

Meanwhile the Tory party has it's own, slightly more restrained leadership contest. I say almost because after the referendum Boris seemed to be set to become the next Prime Minister. Then came the back stabbing. Michael Gove acting as the executioner.

One of the most divisive people in government, Gove does not appear to have any redeeming features. He admitted he has no charisma (except that perhaps of a snake) or personality to speak of. He does however have the most slappable face of any politician as those of you have played the game on Facebook will know.

Theresa may looks like the most likely Prime Minister, but not being a betting man.....

There's worse to come. It'll take two years (minimum) before this country actually leaves the EU which will inevitably see a period of economic uncertainty. This country will have serious problems and the Chancellor despite all his austerity will not reach his surplus target by 2020.

There can be no second referendum, such a proposition goes against the whole notion of democracy. I didn't want this result either but there are no grounds for overturning the vote. Thats it. We have to deal with it.

Brexit has had an effect elsewhere in Europe with growing calls for referendums in not just France but the Netherlands, Italy and led to an East-West split within the remaining nations of the EU. There is the possibility other nations will leave.

Uncertainty across Europe.

The Scottish Nationalists are using this to great advantage and are pushing for a second referendum on Independence. One they may well win. It's not certain as it seems they may have to accept the Euro as their currency rather than the pound which is what the Scots want. Such a move may put voters off.

Again not a betting man. Just saying.

In the midst of all this there is no opposition party. Labour is divided like it has never been divided before. Well since Ramsay Macdonald anyway.

One thing is for certain. Labour is not electable in it's current state. Even if the rebels hadn't voted to get rid of old man Steptoe, not enough voters could have been won over to make a difference, especially with Scotland now frankly lost forever.

The Liberals are still around, with some support but have themselves lost the confidence of a huge swathe of people after their coalition with the Tories. They are going nowhere.

For the time being politics has become more interesting, but at the same time far more dangerous for us ordinary folk than in living memory.

Things will improve, but when?

Sorry I'm not a gambling man.

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