Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Time to move on and organise anew

Theresa may emerged from Buckingham Palace as the country's second female Prime Minister to make a speech that should terrify the Labour Party. In an obvious pitch to disgruntled Labour voters May has made a clear grab for the centre ground. A vicar's daughter, May is talking about social exclusion and opportunity at a time when such opportunities are surely needed. There is even talk of workers on the boards of companies, a move which if made by Labour would terrify industry but causes no such alarm from a Tory.

The old adage that the country is in a safe pair of hands is being presented as a reality under the new PM. This comes after a very much shortened leadership contest in which her opponent having frankly ballsed everything up with remarks that were at best naive fell on her sword and withdrew. The only crocodile tears shed were from failed Tory leader Ian Duncan Smith.

Labour could have learn't a lot from the way the Tories managed their accession without tearing the party apart.

Meanwhile Labour began its own leadership fight with a brick being thrown through Angela Eagle's constituency office window. Add to that the abuse being thrown at her on (un)social media referring to her as a "Tory Dyke" shows the depths to which the Corbynistas will go to keep their messiah in power.

The fact is Corbyn is highly likely to win. Only a swift change of direction from the trade union leaders could possibly change the outcome and even then seems remote. Corbyn has managed to become what Cameron called him in parliament an "asset" to his (Tory) party.

And still the faithful attack in his name. The police were called in to Gorton Labour Party after "infighting" and bullying" leading to the  suspension of the local party. Wallasey Labour Party has been captured by members of the ex-Militant Tendency including former PCS Executive member Kathy Brunswick. Brighton fell to Momentum.

Corbyn's supporters are on the offensive everywhere and the moderates of all other wings of the party are unable it seems to hold back the uncivilised hordes. Labour First, one such faction appealed to it's supporters in an email yesterday:

If he cannot be beaten this summer he will be beaten in 2017 or 2018.

They claimed:

If he is re-elected there will not be a split.

In other words as they call for "fighters" Labour First is expecting at least another two years of faction fighting. The party will continue it's current course of destroying their long established reputation. This will not, I repeat not appeal to Labour voters.

With May going for the centre ground and a real threat from UKIP in the North East, the ascendency of the SNP in Scotland the main opposition party will become, if not already is, an unattractive proposition for working class voters let alone those from other sectors of society that would be needed to give Labour the electoral boost it win.

And remember Momentum is full of people like Rhea Wolfson who don't believe winning is necessary. In which case voters will wonder why they should vote for this shower.

Corbyn's victory marks the end of Labour as a party of government. Constituency meeting will become rallies of the new "Red Guard" who will simply shout down their opponents and drive away those men and women who form the backbone of Labour by doing those basic things from knocking on doors to putting chairs out for meetings.

The new wave just will suppress debate in the same manner as did the Stalinists and Black Shirts in the thirties.. In practice the two extremes differ only by their uniforms. The individual does not matter only the "class", the leadership of said class and of course the cause itself.

Labour is finished. Time to move on and organise anew quickly. 

Labour voters deserve better.

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