Friday, 22 July 2016

The British Road to the Gulag

The battle for the heart & soul of the Labour took a new twist tonight as the self appointed "Labour Representation Committee decided to disown one of their own candidates for the Labour Party National Executive Committee. Their statement reads:

The reason being she had the temerity to vote for the suspension of Brighton & Hove CLP due to a number of allegations that require full & proper investigation, support the increase in fees for casting a vote in the leadership elections and support the suspension and removal of a variety of unwanted individuals such as Tony Greenstein from the Party.

The fact she may be looking at the needs of the party as a whole rather than the factional interests of the LRC and others seems to escape the "comrades".

I found the phrase "too late to disrupt the NEC elections" a little disturbing. It, along with their intolerance of individual independence says s lot about the way the far left operates as a "party within a party".

The Labour Representation Committee is a bit of an oddball faction in labour which attracts all sorts to it's events and meetings. One of the groups that turns up is the pro-North Korean dictatorship New Communist Party who sit uneasily alongside pretend anarcho-communists such as Chris Ford and Trots like the Alliance for Workers Liberty.

Unsavoury is the politest word one can use to describe the rabble that is the LRC.

When the comrades have finished with everyone outside their club, they will as history always shows turn on each other.......

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