Sunday, 17 July 2016

The forward march of extremism

Photograph of the smashed interior of the Berlin synagogue

The news over the last week has seen a disturbing trend which seems to be becoming all too familiar in the world of politics today. Another terrorist attack in France, a man arrested for sending death threats to Angela Eagle and Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother in one of those so-called "honour killings".

An attempt by sections of the Turkish army to remove arch-Islamist President Erdogan not only failed but gave him the opportunity to deal with all remaining opposition. Secularism and democracy and democracy are about to die in Turkey.

And don't mention the Kurds, still under attack from the Turks and ISIS and Iran.

The Palestinian President goes to France to "commiserate" over the Nice attack whilst encouraging his own people to use their cars against Jews.

And then there was a brick through the window of Anna Eagle's constituency office.

"It was only one Fucking brick" shouted a Corbyn supporter at a Labour Party lunch and they wonder why meetings have been suspended due to "bullying and intimidation". Even John McDonnell, Corbyns quartermaster had to apologise for his remarks at a Militant Momentum rally on Sky TV this morning.

And yet as the Tories install their second female Prime Minister whilst so-called progressives inside the Corbynista camp make not just misogynist abuse, but actual rape threats against women on Twitter and Facebook when they do not support their man.

That brick through the window of Angela Eagles window was in reality a brick through the window of democracy.

The left's "kristallnacht" has begun in earnest. 

In Europe the far-right are on the rise with Marie Le Pen being touted as a serious candidate for President, She won't win, so they say, but she will indeed be someone to be contended with.

There is a triple threat to democracy: Islamism, Communism and Fascism. All have one thing in common despite having ostensibly differing ideologies.

Do as we say or die.

Beheadings, Concentration camps and Gulags are the future under these extremists.

It's time for men and women of reason to stand up against these vicious charlatans and say enough is enough.

Now, before it is too late.

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