Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A March for Peace Not Hate

For the first time the pro-Hezbollah march in London faced a counter demonstration on Sunday. Aa appeal for peace which was in such contrast to the march of hate sponsored by the Iranians and their useful fools as Lenin might have described them.

One of the placards held on the al-Quds march told people to "Learn the truth about Zionism" and directed them to David Duke's website. Duke is of course the leader of the racists of the Ku Kux Klan who fight for "white power" and don't like Jews, Blacks or for that matter Muslims very much, not that seemed to concern the stupid woman who held the placard.

In stark contrast to the demands for "boycotts" and "destruction" the British Zionist Federation and others such as the Sussex Friends of Israel simply called for peace.

This is the way forward for everyone concerned with the continued conflict in the Middle East.

End the Hate. Build the Peace!

Photos courtesy of David Husband & Melanie Laban

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