Tuesday, 26 July 2016

S-A-V-A-G-E-S by no other name

When I saw the news about the 84 year old French Priest having his throat cut by Islamist criminals I was at first speechless then my comments were and remain unprintable. I was angry.

ISIS have claimed "two of their soldiers" were responsible. There is no way on Earth these inhuman bastards can be be called soldiers.

They like the rest of their Islamist brethren are simply savages.

And like most ordinary people I have had enough.

There is an enemy within and no it's not every single Muslim before matters get out of hand, but there are more than enough of these barbarous types in our midst, let alone living in the Muslim world itself.

In Europe we have tolerated the spread of Islamist intolerance for too long. It's nothing to do with the way Muslims are treated in this country or France & Germany for that matter. Muslims are freer here than the countries they come from.

It isn't anything to do with our foreign policy as the far-left/strasserite/anti-imperialist brigade might have you believe as the act as apologists for these savages by blaming everyone and everything except the truth.

Islamism is a supremacist, intolerant, misogynist, bigoted and ultra-violent theology.

The time to fight back against these evil creed has never been greater.

There are organisations, a large number of Imams and others out there whose sole purpose is to spread this fascist creed.

Remember the cretins of CAGE who along with the support of so-called left John Rees of Counterfire had a press conference to describe the mass murderer Jihadi John as a nice man?  The National Union of Students is working with this group to stop "prevent", a government sponsored programme to stop extremism.

The NUS is full of idiots who believe supporting the Kurds against ISIS is Islamophobic" and their new Fuhrer President has initiated the prevention of Jews electing their own representative in the union. The anti-imperialists will appoint some quisling to do their dirty work.

Meanwhile in France, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden amongst others there are "no-go" areas into which the authorities will not go. These places are run by gangs of criminals and Islamists as if there is any point in differentiating between the two.

This must end. The rule of law must prevail. A section of society cannot exclude itself and those responsible for the violence in and emanating from these ghettos of hate must be be brought to heel.

The shouts of "Islamophobia" by the idiots of the left and their allies have undermined the fightback against Islamism.

It is not Islamophobic to criticise Islam. Neither is it racist. Islam can be criticised just like any other theology or political ideology. Islam is not a race. It is simply a man made idea and if anyone doesn't like that fact their propensity to violence shows what a false creed Islam is, let alone it's satanic succubus Islamism.

If my language offends so be it. I'm not the one cutting Priests throats and would never call for violence against Muslims. It is up to the Muslim world to grow up and join the twenty-first century and end the medieval barbarianism in their midst.

That means reform for those who insist in believing in a non-existent "god", though I would urge the abandonment of not just the false "Allah" but all gods.

There is only humanity. It's time to be human.

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