Thursday, 28 July 2016

Disillusioned with politics

A poll reported in yesterdays Times reported that some 29% of Labour voters would prefer Theresa May to Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. This comes at a time when polls also show that the Tories are between 12 & 16% ahead. This should ring alarm bells amongst the Labour Party's activists of both sides, but so committed are they to mutual assured destruction that the internecine warfare continues unabated.

Reports suggest that both in public and private Theresa May has "ruled out" an early election though grassroots activists are now pushing for a quick election which by all accounts would see a massive Tory victory. The only hurdle is the establishment of "fixed parliaments", though where there is a will...

The prospect of a Labour meltdown may sound good for Tory activists in the short-term, there is a very real danger for democracy. The wipe-out of Labour would mean the removal of so many democratic Labour MPs and in the re-selection process that would follow Corbyn's hordes would establish their final and fatal control of the party.

That would mean the end of the only remaining national opposition party as the Liberal-Democrats have already been taken down through their own follies.

Democracy only works when there is strong and viable opposition. The demise of Labour would effectively give this country a one party state. Of course the Corbynistas would urge us to vote for them but people including myself will never countenance a government made up of Corbyn's henchmen in Momentum, Stop the War Coalition and other unsavoury groups.

Corbyn cannot be trusted with this countries security, his views on dealing with external & internal threats show extreme weakness that would put our way of life at risk. His foreign policy based on sucking up to Putin, the Iranian clerical-fascists whose TV station he has been a regular on for years would remove the UK from the democratic collective of nations.

As for economy just look at Venezuela.

It's hardly surprising that so many Labour voters would prefer May.

The destruction of Labour was self-inflicted but those who know better are not prepared to take the next logical step. They simply want a continual faction fight to remove Corbyn. They'll find moderate supporters will burn out before the comrades whose fanaticism will keep them motivated long after ordinary people have gone home.

Add to this the rise of the idiot Trump in the US combined with the criminal atrocities being committed across Europe, let alone the rest of the world makes me very disillusioned with politics. I am far from alone in this, most people are cynical about politicians.

The future seems bleak.

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