Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Owen who? No thanks!

Over the last week or so I have received emails from various lobbying groups telling me that I have X number of days to save Labour and urging me to sign up to the party to get rid of Corbyn. Now apparently there is just 24 hours (and counting down) for me to do this.

Then came the latest bombshell in the news. The woman chosen to save the party has dropped out the race in favour of someone who is called Owen Smith. No idea of his background to be honest but he tells us that he is "normal" (whatever that is supposed to mean) and has a family. And?

Now I have to admit there have been times when I would rather elect the office cat as Labour leader than continue with that damned fool Corbyn, but politics is a serious business and whilst Angela Eagle did not particularly motivate me, at least I'd not only heard of her but had some idea where she stood on most issues.

Owen Smith?

No idea.

Yes I can look him up on this Internet thing I spend so much time on but frankly I shouldn't have to. So should I spend £25 on joining an organisation I don't really want to just for the privilege of voting for the replacement candidate for the office cat I would have preferred.

I think not.

The reason should be glaringly obvious.

Labour isn't in danger of splitting. It already has but like the proverbial zombie doesn't realise it's dead.

There are two parties now (not) co-existing within the shell that once was HM Opposition. Corbyn and his mix of Trots Stalinists and neo-Strasserites with a large smattering of Israel-haters who if aren't actual anti-Semites might just as well be and the other corner almost everybody else. There are a few sitting on the sidelines but frankly that's it.

It will be impossible for either side to continue with the other no matter who wins (and I think it'll be Corbyn unless the trade union barons suddenly wake up and realise what they've done) so the internecine warfare will carry on ad infinitum.

I don't want to be in a party like that and certainly couldn't vote for it just like most other people who despair about politicians more than I do but go down the pub instead of venting their frustration on-line.

The MPs really need to cut their losses now and push Corbyn and his rump onto the backbenches. A split this time would be stronger than the SDP ever was.

Then they need a statesman to lead the new party. Hillary Benn is the man for me, with Caroline Flint as deputy.

That I'll spend twenty-five quid (or more) on.

Not Labour. It's finished.

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