Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Sometimes conspiracy theories are true.....

Even before the advent of the Internet there were wild conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, UFO's, Zionists, Catholics and more. With the advent of social media people just seem to make up any old shit and it gets lapped up by those looking for reasons to hate or malign. But sometimes conspiracies are real.

A clear example is the recent attempted coup in Turkey. In order for this to take place there had to be a conspiracy to plan the takeover so the reaction of the Turkish government to deal with it's enemies who took up arms against it seems  a "normal" reaction if somewhat extreme given Erdogan's dictatorial propensities.

However what is odd is the scope of the purges. Rounding up the officers and soldiers taking part is one thing but Erdogan's list for punishment seems to be going far deeper than would seem necessary to deal with the immediate problem. Policemen, Judges and Generals, well some may indeed be part of the conspiracy but the numbers involved seem far too high for a coup that had so little support when it came to it.

Then there's the sacking of thousands of teachers and every Dean in higher education.

Wait a minute. There's something seriously wrong here.

One thing is for certain. All these thousands of people were already on a list before the coup took place. In other words Erdogan was either preparing for a purge, probably piecemeal over time or was simply just waiting for an excuse or provocation to implement the mass suppression of all those who even just might oppose him.

Some might even say the coup was a godsend.

Could Erdogan have been a malevolent guiding hand behind the coup himself? After all only the dictator has benefited....

They'd say that really was a wild conspiracy theory. But they would say that wouldn't they?


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