Wednesday, 22 March 2017

An attack on democracy

Despite the best efforts the police and security services who have done remarkably well in preventing terrorist attacks in the UK one was bound to get through eventually.

And it has.

A "lone" terrorist driving a car, ploughing through innocent pedestrians just as the Palestinian terrorists of Hamas have done in Israel.

People have died and others remain critically injured.

Our thoughts and sympathies go with the victims, their families and friends tonight.

The fact this was aimed at the Houses of Parliament shows the complete contempt these people have not just for democracy but also for life itself. Of course at the time of writing there is no confirmation of the motives behind the attack, but I would be more than surprised if it wasn't motivated by Islamism.

How much longer will the establishment and the left not face up to the real enemy that exists in our midsts. Hate Preachers in Mosques and on-line, "Trojan Horses" in our schools, Labour Councillors attending pro Khomeini rallies all add to the promotion of an undemocratic agenda.

Add to that the lack of integration of so much of the Muslim community it is hardly surprising that such extremism has grown within these isolated individuals.

Remember the lack of tolerance shown towards the Ahmadi newsagent who was murdered in Glasgow. "Wrong type of Muslim".

Sounds like ISIS doesn't it. These ideas are inherent within even so-called mainstream Islam. It doesn't make all Muslims terrorists but it does make enough to threaten life and limb.

The danger to democracy is real.

Islamism is a threat to all our freedoms.

Stand up for democracy. 

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  1. The Newspaper man killed in Glasgow was what was described as a riot, in other times in UK history riots have been described as up risings ,when there's a life lost by people who are basically looting, to degrade their deaths as describing it as part of a up rising adds insult, and yes what this Terrorist dallied to do was stop democracy, 2 weeks time marks 25 years since for many in the left the worse day in Labours history the 4th sucsess ve defeat, if we couldn't win after the poll tax, ousting militant deny, dropping unilateral nuclear dusarnment, a return to flying pickets and nationalization ,that had seen first the SDP leave, then many come back, then if we lost in 1992 many thought we'd never win again, but despite the heartbreak of 1992 I was proud to have voted in a democracy, even if I didn't like the result,