Monday, 6 March 2017

Musings on a Monday

The news that Jeremy Corbyn managed to somehow forget that he earns forty grand more than he declared to the taxman amused me somewhat this weekend.

There's nothing corrupt about it. The extra money he earns for being leader of the opposition is something he probably forgot along with the actual role he is supposed to be. Mans a fool, nothing else. Thing is, it's such a simple matter that you wonder if he could actually ever run the country.

Well actually we know he can't, that was a rhetorical question that needs no response.

Forty grand is a lot of money to yer actual ordinary person. Much more than I or anyone I hang around with earns. But we're just, you know...working class.

Meanwhile the transphobia debate continues as BBC Woman's Hour Presenter Jenni Murray Declared her views on transgender women. They can never be real women because they grew up with all the privileges of being a man and whats more have modelled themselves on a male view of what femininity should be.

Murray has a point to make but in saying what she thinks  is hardly guilty of any kind of "phobia" that some activists have accused her of. Like most people I have no actual experience of such women having only come across one or two in a professional capacity but none at all in my circles. Met a transvestite once. Not the same I know but he/she drove me mad with constant fiddling with handbags, purse and other items normally associated with women.

Didn't make me prejudiced. Just didn't take to this one individual. Someone will probably be offended somewhere though.


Like Ms Murray I have a view. I can sympathise with her view as I do find the actions of some transgender women bizarre but it's a free country so live and let live is my attitude. My only bone of contention is the growing move to censorship amongst upcoming activists who seem to have lost sight of the whole idea of freedom.

Which includes the right to say things other people might not like.

It's the religious types that seem to kicked this off in some ways. The whole anti-Islamophbia industry is designed to prevent any criticism of the religion of violence and prejudice. It's not racist to say so. Islam is not a race . It is a theology which can be followed by anyone if they are that gullible.

There is no god in my opinion.

Even that simple statement can upset some snowflakes and one "Christian" proclaimed to me that saying such things were offensive. At least that just gave me a headache which is far less than one can expect of the new class of religious nutters developing Jihadist ideas in their bedrooms.

Mostly in Birmingham...

Except segregated "Muslim" areas are particularly prone to extremism says a recent report that surprised no one. Or shouldn't have done.

The one thing that is most noticeable about the Muslim community is the lack of integration exemplified by the existence of Sharia courts acting outside the country's legal system denying basic rights to women.

Add to that Mosques run by deluded Clerics using medieval textbooks and now trying to take over schools, segregating girls and bullying any and all that oppose their version of the one true faith then there is every possibility extremism will grow.

Colonies of backwardness.

Multiculturalism has failed despite it's "liberal" & far-left supporters. Those who shout for women's rights, for gay rights ignore such things if the culprits are followers of some long dead desert warlord.

These are also the ones trying to silence free speech, tell us what to say and shout loudly for the fool Jeremy Corbyn.

What a world we live in.

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