Saturday, 4 March 2017

Ditch Corbyn to Save the NHS!

Today thousands of people marched through London to protest against the cuts in our National health Service, one of the great legacies of the 1945 Labour government.  The NHS is not the only area of our our life being threatened by an unfettered Conservative government. Social housing, employment rights, disabled benefits and much more.

There is no opposition party to even begin to threaten Theresa May who can seemingly just get on with her agenda regardless of the consequences for "ordinary" people who as Brexit approaches are facing financial problems all round. A low wage economy with scandalous "Zero Hour" contracts just make people poorer.

So where is the Labour Party? Oh it's so-called leader the demented drip Jeremy Corbyn attended the rally but frankly he's all ideology, daft ideas and no trousers. The result in Copeland plus the previous by-elections should have acted as some kind of warning. perhaps it would have been better if Labour had lost Stoke as well to get the mad left to re-appraise their actions if possible.

Corbyn is a man I will never forget hiding behind a glass door from reporters after complaining he was being "harassed". It comes with the territory you old fool. How will you cope with a serious national or international incident if you can't cope with a few mouthy reporters, which in a democracy is their job.

Yesterday more bad news for Labour in what should be a stronghold in Manchester. A council seat lost to the Tories. A seat where the Jewish community had a large presence and deserted the friend of Hamas and worse.

The Times reported yesterday that:

Labour has lost nearly 26,000 members since last summer, according to leaked data that shows the tide is turning against the leadership.

The true number of people leaving Labour is likely to be higher. Labour systems record in real time the departure of members who actively resign but those who allow their membership to lapse by not renewing it are not shown for another six months.

Trouble is we don't actually know these are all Corbyn supporters. Many moderates have given up and quit at the same time. Many had left when Corbyn got elected and won't return until he's gone, if at all.

Meanwhile as two Momentums are born amid rival conferences the hard left is still in ascendancy shamefully with the support of Unite and other trade unions much against the wishes of their own members.

If people want to save the NHS then Corbyn and his rabble must go.

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