Tuesday, 28 March 2017

From Tasmanian Tigers & Lizardmen and back to Cats again

A number of stories have caught my attention over the last couple of days. The first was that some Tasmanian Tigers have been spotted in the outback. Not verified of course and the poor creature has been officially extinct since 1936 when the last known example died. But it's not beyond the realm of possibility that there remain a handful alive somewhere. I certainly hope so.

Another story that appeared in the Aussie media, albeit briefly, well for about an hour before the report was taken down reported that Justin Bieber (that spoiled brat who abandons his pets) was seen to turn into a lizard in front of fans which sent the girls running to the toilets in shock.

UFOmania, one of those You Tube channels that promotes the nutters alternative views of the world used this story to remind us that this was "the golden age of lizard sighting" and told us of the conspiracy by these creatures to control the world and the fate of mankind.

Load of bollocks tosh of course but they need the clicks to make money from advertisers to make more videos to tell us more nonsense. Except that some of this revenue may have been effected by the withdrawal of advertising from Google following the revelation that these ads are funding extremists.

And since the main promoter of the Lizardmen theory is one former "godhead" and completely deranged David Ike he may well come into that category. His channel promotes somewhat unsavoury views of Zionists (and they do mean Jews) on a fairly regular basis.

Don't mention the Rothschilds.

What a world we live in. Hate Preachers, people who think Lizards rule the world and there may be Nazi UFO bases under Antarctica all mad in one way or another. But some are definitely more dangerous than others.

Still there was one good news story today. Cats are now officialy "nice" according to studies by scientists. Well I knew that. My cats treat their human well.

Hit it boys!

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