Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tory students censored for criticising censorship

Offending Tweet

With the budget and everything else going on today including the celebration of International Womens Day, a small but very disturbing development occurred in Lincoln University. In a small sidepiece in The Times (no link£) it was reported that:

Lincoln University's students union seized control of Twitter and Facebook accounts used by the institutions Conservative society, saying they were "out of use until further notice".

Apparently the matter is now pending a "disciplinary hearing". So what's the charge.

Breibart continues:

The Student Union (SU) at Lincoln University has forced the Conservative Society to suspend their social media accounts, allegedly because they used the platform to criticise the institution’s restrictions on free speech.

The Society disappeared from Facebook and announced a two-month hiatus in its Twitter output on Monday, with the SU confirming it had ordered censorship as part of a “disciplinary matter”.

The Student Unions decision has reportedly and unsurprisingly been met with derision. If the Tory students were critical of censorship by the SU then censoring their ability to speak seems to prove their point. 

Trouble is that the far-left and the snowflake brigade have been censorious across the student union movement and in NUS for some considerable time. The laughable banning of sombreros and Pocahontas outfits may seem laughable but were always the thin end of a rather dangerous and authoritarian  move to clamp down on ideas that these types do not agree with.

There have been bans and attempts to prevent the likes of Germaine Greer, Maryam Namazie and other secularist & humanist speakers from campuses. Now the comrades have turned their attention to a small group of some 30 Conservative students.

I am no friend of the Tories but banning them from publishing on Twitter and Facebook just shows how farce quickly becomes fascism in stopping those with different views from speaking.

The far-left in all it's forms has never understood the concept of democracy and as the various left-wing intellectuals, sectarian groups and their followers prepare to celebrate the military coup led by Lenin and the Bolsheviks we need to remember the destruction of free speech led to the most murderous regimes in history.

Freedom of speech is not negotiable, even for our opponents.

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