Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Who's Coup?

Labour Briefing

Writing in the  left-wing magazine Labour Briefing John McDonnell, Corbyn's Deputy wrote about the attempts by mainstream MP's, members and supporters to win back the Labour Party. He included the following phrases in his piece:

WE HAVE TO ALERT PARTY MEMBERS and supporters that the soft coup is underway. It’s planned, co-ordinated and fully resourced....

The coup is not being waged up front in public but strictly behind the scenes...

The aim of these covert coup plotters is to undermine...

Interestingly and tellingly this is somewhat reminiscent of what McDonell himself had to say about his own presence inside the Labour Party back in 2012:

“I’m not in the Labour party because I’m a believer of the Labour party as some supreme body or something God-given or anything like that. It’s a tactic. It’s as simple as that,”

What exactly does he mean a "tactic" and who is he working with both then and now to achieve his aims? The fact is this man, who owes more to Trotsky than the founders of the Labour Party has exposed himself as the outsider, the infiltrator, the "cuckoo in the nest" and his appeal in Briefing goes to others of the same ilk as there are many who use membership of Labour as a "tactic". 

Briefing itself was founded by a small Trotskyist group known as the Chartists and has now become the publication of the Labour Representation Committee which besides containing various Trotskyist "groupscules" and individuals also has affiliations from outside groups such as the New Communist Party, who are allowed because they do not stand candidates against Labour.

Of course the LRC has been eclipsed in size and influence by Momentum despite the latter's well publicised internecine warfare between Jon Lansman and the unholy coalition of the AWL (a small Trotskyist group), deranged Jackie Walker and other unsavoury and rumbustious elements.

McDonnell has had past associations with Labour Herald, a newspaper widely regarded as a "trojan horse" for the Workers Revolutionary Party. Both these are thankfully defunct, but Ken Livingstone also had a hand in these projects.

The various followers of Trotsky not matter what they say all stick to the dictum of Lenin that "Communists should support Labour like a rope supports a hanged man".

Just a "tactic". So who are the ones organising a coup?

And a question remains.  Whose side is McDonnell on? It's certainly not Labour's.

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