Monday, 13 March 2017

Bald patches in Grassroots Momentum

Photo: By Malene Thyssen

The long awaited votes for the alternative leadership of the new "Grassroots Momentum" have now been published. With a grand 137 votes Matt Wrack, General secretary of the FBU topped the poll. Commiserations must go to the leader of the interplanetary trotskyists tendency Gerry Downing who came bottom of the poll (and was therefore not elected) with a grand total of 11 votes. A major achievement for this ideologue supreme who persuaded 10 other fools to vote for him.

And so we see a new development on the left. Not so new really it's just one of their inevitable splits as an unholy alliance of the lefty celebrity couple Jackie Walker & Graham Bash found a new tendency in the workers movement along with their arch critics from the Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL), Jill Mountford and Pete Radcliffe.

The leader of the grandly named Labour Party Marxists, Stan Keable of Hammersmith CLP managed to obtain a whopping 16 votes. The efforts made by this string-pullers in the Communist Party of Great Britain (Weekly Worker) have obviously increased in his undoubted influence on events within the Labour left.

Oh and I haven't forgotten Tony Greenstein Vilestein who despite his best efforts of labelling anyone he disagrees with as a (shock, horror) Zionist sadly fell short of crossing the finish line to take his well (un)deserved seat on the leadership of the left of the left.

Sarcasm aside (which is difficult when it comes to these people), it just shows the total incompetence of the far-left that they are unable to co-exist in one faction long enough to take advantage of what was an upsurge in support following the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.

All now clearly blown and everyone who is not one of them can say "we told you so".

Now the bets are on for how long it will take the Walker faction to split with the AWL......

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  1. Maybe the exUkip splitters along the banks/Carswell factions could join those in Momentum not allowed in the Labour Party