Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Facebook capitulates to religious bigotry

Mark Zuckerberg
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Pakistan has some of the most oppressive and abused laws about blasphemy in the world. Insult the religion of backwardness and the penalty is death. Not just atheists, but Christians and all manner of minorities and freethinkers are constantly under threat from this barbaric Islamic regime.

We are told ISIS does not represent Islam and yet the Clerics whenever they gain any power immediately set about enforcing a ban on criticism of the mediaeval faith. One Pakistani Minister demanded that facebook help their regime suppress "blasphemous" content.

And guess what? The open and liberal minded executives of Facebook seem to be doing just that. Can't let a little freedom get in the way of a large profit to be made in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Today website reports:

Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan has stated that 45 websites and 65 Facebook pages containing blasphemous content have been blocked in Pakistan in the last two days.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Nisar said that social networking giant Facebook has agreed to address Pakistan’s concern on the issue of blasphemy. “We are going to find a permanent solution for this issue. There is nothing more precious to us than our faith,” he claimed.

Permanent solution? Sounds ominous to me. A holocaust of non-believers?

“Anyone can turn violent after seeing the sacrilegious content,” he asserted. The minister said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has commended the efforts being made to block blasphemous content. “We have also written a letter to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in order to evolve a consensus among Muslim nations on blasphemy,” he said.

Consensus amongst "Muslim" nations. Sure the dictators and clerics that use Islam as a weapon by which to control the masses will agree on that even if it's the only thing they can agree on while their own internecine conflict continues.

Have a word with yourself Mark Zuckerberg. Your dollar profits will be based on murder of innocents for just expressing an opinion.

When the first Facebook user is executed for blasphemy the blood will be on your hands as well as that barbarian Nisar Khan.

It is a basic human right to say no to religion. God does not exist and is a superstitious remnant of early man's inability to explain the world in unscientific terms. Over time it has become a form of social control. 

The leaders of Islam are afraid their power will wane if people are able to think freely because then they cannot use a false god to threaten them.

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