Thursday, 16 March 2017

The return of schoolboy politics...

Britains best known Anarchist, Ian Bone has announced the return of Class War a newspaper rag associated with the misfits and mindless vandals of the movement of the same name that became notorious in the eighties.

The comrades organised such events as "Bash the Rich" which were designed to disrupt residents of "wealthier areas" such as Kingston and Hampstead which might have proved invaluable for their ego's but had no effect on the struggle against Thatcherism whatsoever.

Fast forward to today and there are still small groups of "Anarchists" still around, usually dropouts with nothing better to do than disrupt workers demonstrations as they did during the pensions campaign for which I for one will never forgive them.

Whilst we were demanding our pensions be protected they decided smashing up shops and banks was a good idea. Distracted from our demands then and this groups seeming revival (if it really happens) may attract only disaffected Corbynites who have tired of being told their false messiah is unelectable.

Meanwhile as the children play in their black clothes and facemasks there remains no real opposition to the current government.

Blame Corbyn. I do.


  1. thats a shame because the anarchists are the ones running the food banks, the homeless tent cities and other social support schemes

  2. I susspect that you are just an angry moron who doesnt understand anything about far left praxis and reads daily wail hatred of anyone doing anything in society but whining about corbyn

  3. You seem to think that Class War as an organisation had nothing to do with the demise of Thatcherism, really? Poll Tax riot ring any bells? that had a direct correlation to that bitch resigning, and you think that CW don't pose a threat to the current government, well, at least we get out on the streets and do fucking something about it, not fucking stupid A to B marches ending with holding hands and singing kumbaya and a picnic or whatever it is you fucking poncy liberal lefties do, carry on sitting on the fence in your nice little suburban home wanking over pics of Tony Blair et al and imagine your perfect little socialist world will come about by voting in a bunch of overprivileged tosspots who will NEVER give up what they have stolen from the working class.

    1. Actually I live in a tower block on an inner city estate and am an active trade unionist who does not belong to any political party who gets pissed off by people pretending to represent the working class whether they are Leninists, Trotskyists or any kind of "ists".