Monday, 27 March 2017

Save Ayaz Nizami! For Freedom from Religion!

Whilst eyes have been focused on the latest Islamist atrocity in London and so many seem to wonder as to his motives and how Masood got "radicalised", there is a tendency to let the theology of Islam off the hook.

Let's face it. The language of the modern terrorists is based on the sayings of the false prophet Mohammed, a man who became a warlord. A faith that was imposed by the sword across the Middle East and North Africa. One that tried breaking into the Christian strongholds of Europe but was finally stopped in Spain and more famously at the gates of Vienna.

Of course Christianity at the time and for a long period after was no less savage. There was the inquisition and the hunt for witches. But these were medieval times. Christianity has moved on. considerably.

Meanwhile the rise of Islam, especially in it's intolerant and fundamentalist form continues unabated across the world. The fight against ISIS may be well and truly on but many of those involved are not much better than the Islamic State themselves. Saudi Arabia is a gender apartheid state.. Iran is a brutal dictatorship. Libya remains torn apart by internecine warfare and religious lines as does Iraq and Syria.

In Egypt Christians remain second class citizens preyed upon by Muslim zealots who kidnap their women and forcibly convert them to Islam for marriage. It's been going on for years. In Malaysia the Prime Minister wants to enforce Sharia Law on non-Muslims.  Thats already happened in Brunei where the Sultan enforces Sharia on all his subjects. Christmas in public is banned. Woe betide the Christian who dares to flaunt these barbaric laws.

In Bangladesh Islamists have hacked to death atheists just for expressing an opinion on-line.

The there is Pakistan.

A country where a law of blasphemy is used to maim murder any who would dare to criticise the religion of Islam. Christians have been persecuted under these laws just because some want to rid themselves of other religions.

The latest atrocity is the threat to the life of Ayaz Nizami for the crime of blasphemy. An act of criticism that would be shrugged off by any civilised person, but here we are talking about those who want to take the world back to the dark ages.

Tolerance is not a word in the Islamist dictionary. They love death more than they love life. Savages. There can be no other word for these men and women who have been tweeting for Nizami to be hanged.

The 51 Islamic nations in the United Nations want to impose a blasphemy law on the whole world.

The reason?

Those who hold power and use the religion to maintain their hold over the masses are afraid. Islam does not stand up to scrutiny. What's more there are other ways of living life that are far more attractive. If people were free to change or lose their religion then Islam would decline just as Christianity has done in the West.

More to the point women would also be free.

The pious old men and misogynists would lose their hold. Fear drives their violence and it is ordinary Muslims who suffer. Not the Linda Sarsour or her Western feminist lickspittles who wear hijabs in ignorance of the oppression these garments represent.

The left and so-called liberals of this world have abandoned reason to tailgate an Islamist agenda. Islam is the oppressor NOT the victim.

The world must be free from religious compulsion.


  1. How? Where is the petition?

    1. I am not aware of any petition. Should one be circulated I will publish at least a link if not a separate article.

  2. Hi Howard. Thanks for replying. I found and signed this one -

    It calls for the immediate release of Abdul Waheed and Rana Nauman. I have added Ayaz Nizami in the comments section of the petition.