Tuesday, 7 March 2017

No News, No Fags and Charlie Drake

When I sat down to consider what to blog about tonight it suddenly occurred to me that for the first time in an age I had neither read a newspaper or seen the news today.  Oh I spent some time of Facebook this evening, even left a comment or two and not all about politics but unless I turn the TV on or go to the BBC website I still won't know what is going on in the world today.

Oh I could have a good guess. Corbyn, Trump and Mosul are all probably somewhere in the schedules and since the missus, a great fan of the late George Michael tells me that the coroner has finally decided that the poor man died of natural causes (and can be buried), that's probably in the bulletins.

Of course no doubt other things have happened as they do and for once I am seemingly oblivious to it all.

The reason for my switching off?

I'm tired from a rough day at work and a bit distracted by my attempt to give up smoking which has reached it's ninth day. Never thought I'd make it this far, let alone plan to continue. Tomorrow is National No Smoking Day and this will be the first time since it was inaugurated that I won't be puffing away.

At least I hope it will.....

I guess a break from the hustle and bustle of politics can't be a bad thing. It's all bad news these days, and getting worse as the world seemingly turns to extremes. But there are many good things about life that we should remember.

Humour is one of them.

I have an old fashioned (and somewhat politically incorrect) sense of humour but the following little number from 1965 shouldn't offend anyone and was also the theme tune to Charlie Drake's sixties sitcom, The Worker and is dedicated to all my co-workers.

For you young'uns this was set in a Unemployment Office.. I think it might even have been called National Assistance in those days. Not sure, but hit it Charlie!

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