Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Russian Eurovision Controversy (UPDATED)

The world gets a little madder each day it seems as controversy breaks out over the Russian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest which just happens to be taking place in Ukraine this year. It seems that some are kicking up a fuss over a visit to Crimea by the disabled singer Julia Samoylova in 2014.

Apparently entering the Crimea except via the Ukraine is illegal under Ukrainian law, or something. Russia has been threatening a boycott and did kick up a wee bit of a fuss of Ukraines entry which was sung by a Tartar, the minority natives of the Crimea who are none too happy with their annexation.

For just a few hours can we not all forget about politics, conflicts and just allow people from everywhere just have a bit of fun and enjoy the music together?

I suppose not given the way the voting goes......

UPDATE: Ms Samoylova has officially been banned from entering the Ukraine therefore removing Russia's entry to the Eurovision. A sad day indeed. Politics should be kept of the contest really it should.

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